Vampire's Bloodline - Robert P McAuley

Vampire's Bloodline

By Robert P McAuley

  • Release Date: 2012-04-17
  • Genre: Théâtre


Do vampire families smile, laugh, get married and have children? What do they eat when they can’t feed in their ‘normal’ way? Must they sleep in a casket when a bed is available? Have they any mortal friends?
These questions are answered in ‘Vampire’s Bloodline’ as the history of the Duke and Duchess of Stone Castle reveals a few closely guarded secrets.

The crypt was old and covered in vines, green from the summer sun. The thick wooden door was slightly open as the last of the sunlight created a splash of yellow on the inside wall. A slight breeze came through the open door and blew the dry leaves about. Centered in the cobweb-filled room was a large, stone coffin. The heavy lid was decorated with crying cherubs, a style that, although used for over four hundred years, was still in vogue in 1830. As the sun went down the sliver of dying sunlight moved higher on the wall, and spiders and bugs quickly abandoned the same spot as the light: the only movement in the room.
Just as the sun set, the shaft of light momentarily sat on the hand of an old man dressed in a blue and gold uniform. His face was heavily lined but it was the lines that emanated from the corner of his eyes that said he was very old and if a person looked close they could make out the blue-gray orbs that had seen years of conflict and turmoil. One hand rested in his jacket pocket while the other rested on the pommel of the sword that he leaned heavily upon for support. He looked quickly at the last of the sunlight as it touched the inside roof and, taking his hand out of his pocket, blessed himself.