Aviation Facts & Rumors: Book 2 - Robert P McAuley

Aviation Facts & Rumors: Book 2

By Robert P McAuley

  • Release Date: 2013-05-22
  • Genre: Ouvrages de référence


What was the P-51 named before becoming the Mustang? Which was the first Major League baseball team to buy their own aircraft? Who was the first woman helicopter pilot? What was the Constellation named before becoming the Connie? What U.S. bomber crashed into NY’s Empire State Building in 1945? Read AVIATION magazine’s 1921 interview with WWI German pilots on the merits of the parachute and the 1917 article on the Battleship of the Air. What was the most produced aircraft in the world . . . the largest . . . the fastest . . .the one with the most number of engines . . . etc? Rumors and little known facts about aviation along with A, B, and C possible answers and explanations. The reader will find that aviation has many genres including early comic book heroes and heroines of flight. The author attended New York's Manhattan High School of Aviation Trades, joined the New York Air National Guard and was the Art Director of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine for 16 years and this constant contact shows up in this book, as it will in Book III.