Hiragana - Jen Bradby


By Jen Bradby

  • Release Date: 2015-05-13
  • Genre: Langues √©trang√®res


This books is a perfect introduction to learning the Japanese language! Hiragana is the first basic component of the Japanese reading and writing system.  By mastering this set of 46 characters, your path into further study with Katakana and Kanji will be much easier.  This book teachers you Hiragana with the use on mnemonics - the character is turned into an easily recognisable form or picture. to help you memorise it better.  You are taken through all 46 characters, with each character broken up into 3 pages - the character by itself, the characters overlaid with the mnemonics and lastly the romaji pronunciation and a simple sentence explaining the picture.
Created by Jen Bradby and Kiyo Ichijo